Monday, March 28, 2011

Bachelorette Party OR Bust

 This past Saturday I went down to Murrells Inlet and went to a very popular place called Hot Fish Club where the locals go to chill and the lady residents of Myrtle Beach go for bachelorette parties and to "get away from the beach"...cause the whopping 20 minute drive makes all the difference.

I was hanging with two guys enjoying an AWESOME band, I think they are called DL Token when we noticed a group of ladies, obviously there for a bachelorette party.  When the third person in our group wanted to go dance I said to him, good luck you might get lucky with one of the ladies in the group.  Within seconds a new concept was introduced to me that I had never been aware of...The Titanium Metal Ring that can Never, and I mean Never be broken through when it comes to a bachelorette party.  I immediately went "psst, no way", "your nuts", "you don't know what your talking about", "your crazy!".

Now the concept is quite easy to understand, no matter how hard guys try there will never be any "luckiness" with a girl in a bachelorette party.  It's like a force field shield when females get together for a bachelorette party.  But the idea is very hard to believe.  Women are supposed to be crazy and irresponsible on bachelorette's what get's guys excited when they walk in, but then it seems that it may be premature..hahaha!

Maybe these two guys had a it a Titanium Ring aka "Purse Circle" and why does this happen?  I only know of one group of guys that would continually break the barrier, but they were all firemen and as I was informed they are the only exception to the rule, cause well...their firemen and heroes...The other exception to the rule is the slutty friend or acquaintance nobody wanted there anyway but felt guilty for not inviting.

I started thinking about my own personal experiences...

Now I have been to a many, and I mean a many of bachelorette parties in my time and even at this particular establishment and I can't recall one time when a girl strayed from the group and went home or left for awhile with a guy from the night....Why is that?  I had two of my own theories...

1. The "mom's" and "wives" in the group are always the sloppiest, hands down.  They finally get a night away from the kids and hubs and it's time to let lose...which means the single fun girls in the group end up babysitting the others.

2. It is of course all about the bride and maybe she just sends out the vibe of "don't even think about stealing my thunder tonight" to all the girls and the guys! The vibe from a bride can be a scary and powerful thing.

So I ask all of you men and women to tell of your experiences so we can put this myth to bed.  I have two bachelorette parties this summer, one in SC and one in I will definitely be observing this theory without skewing the results...unless he's cute!

I thought I would include some non incriminating photos from some of my fun nights from Pinehurst, Murrells Inlet and Myrtle Beach!

At the Hot Fish Club!
We've got blinders on! 
He didn't even stand a chance!  LOL
Nope, not gonna happen!


  1. Very good theory, on my bachlorette experience, most everyone else besides me was making out or dancing with guys, well besides me of course. There was no ring when there were 25 cent liquor drinks all night long.

    However, I have been in that ring before and I think its a bonding thing with girls and no one wants to be the one to desert the group! Its a everyone does it or no one does it!

  2. "Force field" ha ha ha. Definitely agree with your theories from stories I have heard. I have only been to one... I will continue to test your theories as time goes on. hehe