Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shoes, Shoes & More Shoes...

There was one thing that I inherited from my mother, her love of shoes. I know all women love shoes, but we really are a little obsessed.  Now my mother has ever original box with them each labeled in her closet. I'm not that bad, but I do have a separate closet dedicated to my shoes.  So since Spring is around the corner, I am on my usually mission of what cute finds can I get.  I am B-I-G fan of ebay.  Mostly because I live in an area with NO good shopping and secondly I love a good bargain.  Now I am not one of those used ebay shoppers.  It has to have tags and it has to be NEW.  So these are two FAB! finds I got this week.

Love you Tory Burch!!!

Perfect Wedges from Coach!


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