Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

link up with Jamie

Today there is a great deal on  You can get a $50 e-Gift Card to Folica for $25. Folica is great site for hair care and other beauty needs.  With it being summer this is a great time to stock up on lotions, hair care for the sun and great new sun-kissed makeup.  And the best part is that it doesn't expire until Dec. 29th.  Great to stock up for when you need to get Christmas gifts.  


Monday, June 27, 2011

Nick's Cigar & Wine Bar!

I posted the other day that I would be having my Grand Opening for my new Cigar Bar last week.  A couple of you wanted to know how it went.  I have decided to post our new commercial.   Hope you all like it! "Smoke em' if you Got em"......


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I love Wednesday!

It's that time of the week to link up with Jamie over at This Kind of Love!

I am loving that my two cousins are coming to visit!  They mean the world to me and I love as we get older we get closer.  To bad we live so far away but they are so great to come see me since I am too swamped with work to get to the Northeast this summer.  

I love that I had the best weekend in Pinehurst with D.  We got to surprise our friends who live there and we also got to play Pinehurst #5 which was such a treat since I have never played there.  
The whole weekend was just terrific!

Pinehurst CC
Pinecrest Inn

I love that this weekend I am having my personal grand opening for my new Cigar Lounge.  I am so excited for my friends to see all of the hard work that went into it and to break the place in...(not break the place)

Lastly, I am loving that it's Father's Day Weekend and the US Open. I kind of feel like they go hand in hand.  I can't wait for beach time and a cookout with my family.  I am so lucky to not only have my Dad live by me, but to get to work with him everyday and "make it work".  It's a special relationship we have and I am so thankful for Big Nick!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I love Wednesday!

Top five things I am obsessed with this week!

1.  Cool Ranch Doritos...I had them Friday and now I can't get enough, which is bad cause I started boot camp this week.  Time to stop this obsession...

2.  My weekend getaway with D.  He has planned the whole thing and I wish it was Friday already!  I am so lucky!!!!!!!!

3.  I just got the new Shellac nail polish put on in Tropix...I can't wait to put it to the test and the color is more of a watermelon color..really FAB!

4.  My new putter that I am waiting to come in...The Odyssey Divine Rossie  ***in pink!

5.  Meredith Vieira left the Today show this morning.  I cried and I laughed.  I have been an avid viewer since I was 18.  I have made two appearances on the show and having Meredith leaves makes me a little sadden. 
I wish I could have a shirt like Kathy Lee and Hoda....(thanks Jenn)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend Recap - All Things Charleston Part II

So I had one of the best weekends in a long time!  One of my bestie's Miss Sara Bernadette  had her bachelorette party in my favorite city....Charleston! 

Myself and two others drove down after work to join the other 5 at the house we rented.  It was the cutest house ever and worked out great.  So much better then if we had just gotten hotel rooms!

The first night was pretty much slumber party fun!  We had some great pizza from Andolini's and then opened up gifts...we all thought Victoria Secret's was appropriate.

The night consisted of playing what I like to call the Goddess Game.  We basically talked about all our experience from our first kiss, to our first crush and more romantic moments.  But then it was time to get competitive with a great game of cranium!  My team (team 2) won of course!  But that game wasn't enough...we thought we would go back in time and play some flip cup...great and bad idea!  Team 2 won again, thanks to Karin for holding the team together!

Our Beautiful Bride to be! 

Say Goodbye to your Freedom

Clue was Engagement Ring...with six fingers

The next morning we got up to get on our yacht for the day in Charleston Harbor.  It was a beautiful day and the weather was phenominal. 

I'm on a boat
After our day on the boat we came back to our cute house and got ready for dinner...but we did make sure to get a quick flip cup game in before the cabs came(CABS HEERRREEE!!!) was a funny site to see all the ladies in their rollers and half makeup done playing around the table.  *we had to make sure we didn't get our dresses dirty.

Dinner was at a restaurant called O-ku.  Unfortunately I don't have very good things to say about this place, but it was packed and I think everyone else really enjoyed it.  I personally would never go back, but I am not a sushi fan so it's not my thing.  The atmosphere was pretty cool.

We then hit the town and started with a cocktail at 39 Rue de Jean..MY FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT IN CHARLESTON!  We had a shot (Royal Flush, the signature Myrtle Beach Shot) and then headed onto Henrys. 

When we got to Henry's we decided to play a game with the I.O.U. Bare to Dare Game cards. I had to get a guy to show me his hairy chest...some others had to get a condom, get serenaded, take off your bra, get a phone number...

My hairy guy!

After a great time here we headed over to Mad River and danced up a storm.  Sara even had a dance off and let me tell you...she did great! We closed down the night by going to Light..which I can not put my finger on.  It was part sleazy and part fun?  Go figure but the dancing was great.  After a long night of dancing it was time to call it quits. 
Tired and Sweaty girls!

Sunday morning came early and headed out of town back to MB.  To tie in the whole weekend together, D and I went to see Bridesmaids.  Hilarious!!! Even D. thought it was great.  I also happened to run into one of my brides who's wedding I will be in August so that was great treat to watch with her and two other "maids".  I highly recommend seeing it!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Twitter Me This...

The Cigar Heiress is now on Twitter!  The Blog and my Facebook will be linked to the account.  Once the fan page for CigarHeiress is up and running you will be able to keep up with that business as well!  Can't wait for new followers...@CigarHeiress


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Busy Weekend Ahead!

It's gonna be another busy weekend!  Tonight is date night and it's D.'s turn pick.  Last week I chose Mexican at Nacho Hippo and Hangover 2 (hilarious!!!).  So he is requesting some baked chicken and a little putt putt for this evening!  I can't wait, just hoping the 90 degree weather cools down a little and hoping I kick a little mini-golf butt!

The weekend will consist of me heading to my favorite city Charleston, SC for my friend Sara's Bachelorette Party.  I can't give all the details because she doesn't know about them and she follows my blog but I will recap when I return. 

Hope you all get a chance to have a great weekend and enjoy the FAB! weather