Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I love Wednesday!

Top five things I am obsessed with this week!

1.  Cool Ranch Doritos...I had them Friday and now I can't get enough, which is bad cause I started boot camp this week.  Time to stop this obsession...

2.  My weekend getaway with D.  He has planned the whole thing and I wish it was Friday already!  I am so lucky!!!!!!!!

3.  I just got the new Shellac nail polish put on in Tropix...I can't wait to put it to the test and the color is more of a watermelon color..really FAB!

4.  My new putter that I am waiting to come in...The Odyssey Divine Rossie  ***in pink!

5.  Meredith Vieira left the Today show this morning.  I cried and I laughed.  I have been an avid viewer since I was 18.  I have made two appearances on the show and having Meredith leaves makes me a little sadden. 
I wish I could have a shirt like Kathy Lee and Hoda....(thanks Jenn)


  1. I'm sad Meredith is leaving too. I love the Today show, but I dont get to see more than the first 5 minutes since I'm leaving for work when it comes on. But I love love love it on my days off!! :)
    Happy Wednesday!
    Jenn @ Going the Distance

  2. Cooler Ranch Doritos are the best! I could eat a whole bag :)