Monday, January 31, 2011

Men and Cars

So I haven't posted in months cause nothing has really made me want to actually express my like or dislike for something.  Expect this morning I finally just said..I don't get it.  When you live in a condo complex and you have a dog, you really start to understand the habits of people around you.  There are two guys that are very strange and obsessed with their cars...however, their cars are pretty old, and I am not talking about vintage classics.  I am just talking old...

So we have the first dude who looks like the Sensai from Karate Kid III.  Could pass for a participant on Datelines, "To Catch a Predator".  Not only does he have a very long ponytail but he dresses like it's 1991.  To remind you all of what I am talking about here is the actor.

So every morning he comes home from the gym (I assume based on his attire and gym bag).  Parks his car about 200 feet away from where he lives.  But he also checks all around the car to make sure its okay and then puts up his sun visor.  Now, the car never leaves again for the day.  Always in the same spot.  He must work from home, but then why go to the gym at 6 am?  So the car that he is obsessed with.  Is about a 10 year older model Lexus.  Its not in bad shape, just I could see him being so neurotic if it was the 2011 LX570.

Then you have the old guy!  This is the most annoying human being and I have never even spoken to him.  He gets so under my skin after all these years and yet I really don't know why.  He owns multiple garages in my complex and keeps a car, a lot of junk and golf cart in them. All he does all day long is drive around from garage to garage and tinkers with things. But forget him walking around the complex, he has to drive to each one in his pride and joy which has the cleanest rims in the world is...wait for it....

That's right the Suzuki Sidekick.  He washes it almost everyday and just rides around the complex feeling like he is the shit while in reality he is an small, old man riding around in a micro-machine.  Yet, he has never taken the top down.  Go Figure???

When he is not riding around in the Sidekick he is "working" on his other baby which is in my building.  But this one, wow, takes the cake....

Yup, a Teal Green Mustang Cobra, probably circa 1986.  It's not even in a cool color...Yesterday he drove three buildings down, got a towel and looked under the car.  Then drove it back to the garage pulled it in half way and let it run while he organized his garage for the 1,568,258th time.

So even though I have vented this all out, I still don't get it.  Men and cars?

p.s. The old man's wife drives a nice Lincoln Navigator and he never washes that car.  Go Figure???