Monday, March 28, 2011

Bachelorette Party OR Bust

 This past Saturday I went down to Murrells Inlet and went to a very popular place called Hot Fish Club where the locals go to chill and the lady residents of Myrtle Beach go for bachelorette parties and to "get away from the beach"...cause the whopping 20 minute drive makes all the difference.

I was hanging with two guys enjoying an AWESOME band, I think they are called DL Token when we noticed a group of ladies, obviously there for a bachelorette party.  When the third person in our group wanted to go dance I said to him, good luck you might get lucky with one of the ladies in the group.  Within seconds a new concept was introduced to me that I had never been aware of...The Titanium Metal Ring that can Never, and I mean Never be broken through when it comes to a bachelorette party.  I immediately went "psst, no way", "your nuts", "you don't know what your talking about", "your crazy!".

Now the concept is quite easy to understand, no matter how hard guys try there will never be any "luckiness" with a girl in a bachelorette party.  It's like a force field shield when females get together for a bachelorette party.  But the idea is very hard to believe.  Women are supposed to be crazy and irresponsible on bachelorette's what get's guys excited when they walk in, but then it seems that it may be premature..hahaha!

Maybe these two guys had a it a Titanium Ring aka "Purse Circle" and why does this happen?  I only know of one group of guys that would continually break the barrier, but they were all firemen and as I was informed they are the only exception to the rule, cause well...their firemen and heroes...The other exception to the rule is the slutty friend or acquaintance nobody wanted there anyway but felt guilty for not inviting.

I started thinking about my own personal experiences...

Now I have been to a many, and I mean a many of bachelorette parties in my time and even at this particular establishment and I can't recall one time when a girl strayed from the group and went home or left for awhile with a guy from the night....Why is that?  I had two of my own theories...

1. The "mom's" and "wives" in the group are always the sloppiest, hands down.  They finally get a night away from the kids and hubs and it's time to let lose...which means the single fun girls in the group end up babysitting the others.

2. It is of course all about the bride and maybe she just sends out the vibe of "don't even think about stealing my thunder tonight" to all the girls and the guys! The vibe from a bride can be a scary and powerful thing.

So I ask all of you men and women to tell of your experiences so we can put this myth to bed.  I have two bachelorette parties this summer, one in SC and one in I will definitely be observing this theory without skewing the results...unless he's cute!

I thought I would include some non incriminating photos from some of my fun nights from Pinehurst, Murrells Inlet and Myrtle Beach!

At the Hot Fish Club!
We've got blinders on! 
He didn't even stand a chance!  LOL
Nope, not gonna happen!

Friday, March 25, 2011

FAB! Fashion Find Friday!

I've decided to make my Friday posts about the best fashion I see for the week.  I suscribe to a million fashion sites and sometimes there is a deal that catches my eye.  
Feel free to post your FAB! Fashion Find as well. 

This week's FAB! Fashion Find is on Shop it to Me. Tory Burch is having a private sale with over 65% off select items from March 24-28!!!!!   There are some really cute items from jewelry, bags, shoes and apparel.  You can sign up with them and if you want you can mention me and yes it helps me get a gift card.  

Here are some of the items I am really loving!!

So perfect for spring!!!!
Not sure I can pull them off but something makes me love these!

Got to have the bracelet match the shoes!

Great for my vegas trip in July
Better for the holidays but so pretty!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stress..How to relieve it..

Lately, things in my life have been a little hectic and I it doesn't help that I have been sick with some type of chest cold and runny nose that doesn't stop thanks to the pollen in South Carolina (love you spring, hate the green stuff)!!!  We have our new cigar lounge opening, I'm trying to get my Heiress Cigar launched and I have a million weddings, bridal, bachelorette and baby events, and lets not forget my regular job as well.  So I am trying to think of everything possible to relax that doesn't include a liter of wine, thus creating a hangover and adding to my insane frame of mind. 

So it's Tuesday and this is usually my favorite day of the work week.  Monday chaos is behind me and I can get organized for the week, which always ends up being insane even when I think it will be calm.  So here is a list of what I am doing to stop my constant jaw clenching..

1. I have decided to park my car in the back of my store so the random people who come in soliciting me for advertising and nonsense think I am not here...for my friends and people that have appointments...check the back.

2. I am trying my best to rev up my workout schedule, which is very challenging with said schedule above but I know that after a good sweat and ass kicking I feel phenomenal and it's my only "ME" time

3. Actually taking a nice hot bath at night and then enjoying some fun games on my iPad. LINE-UP 2 is my favorite and thanks to Bekah for introducing it to me.

4. Reading my favorite blogs and finding new ones let's me take time to enjoy a little light reading and keep up with the fashions around the country.  Grey Dog Designs, Positively Preppy in Pink, Sara Bernice, Vineyard Loveknots, Wanna Be Southern Belle....

5. Crosswords...I know many people find them annoying and challenging.  I have been doing them everyday for years, and it's just puts me at ease...go figure! Especially when 1 ACROSS is four letter word for N.C. University, and it's not DUKE...try ELON!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pink & Green Thursday - Luck of the Irish


How great is it that Pink & Green Thursday falls on St. Patricks Day!  I love this holiday and feel proud to be 50% Irish.  And I love the fact that everyone wants to be Irish today.  So grab a green beer, (wine for me!) and raise you glass to the Irish! There are two people I want to dedicate this blog to today..
My Awesome Cousin Kelly Murphy!    

My Older Sister Erin!
I love shamrocks so I thought for my Pink & Green I would incorporate a little symbol for "Luck", cause can't we all use a little luck of the Irish?   

I have yet to pick up this Pandora Clover Charm, but still love it!

 Since I was a kid my family nicknamed me "Jameson", technically "Jamison".  So anytime I enter a room, it's tradition to shout it out!

And also with you...(if your catholic, you'll get it)

 P.S. I love you!!

I have to get GIGI one of these collars...too cute!

I just thought this was Hilarious!!!  
Very Clever!! 

Proud to be Irish!!


   I can't believe I found an image of Gigi dressed up for the Holiday! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Handwriting Tag

I've had a really bad day so far at work, so I thought I would take a moment to check up on my blog following and I came across this from the lovely Lindsay at Vineyards Loveknots.  So I thought this would a be a good blog to copy to bring me back to my Happy Place before Big Nick and I kill each other.  You must know I have a ton of little yellow pads at work cause that is all Big Nick will use, and I do EVERYTHING in red ink...except sign checks.   According to the Mexican exchange office, that makes them invalid (circa 1999).  So here is it...

1. Your name and name of your blog
2. Your blog address
3. Your favorite quote
4. Favorite Songs
5. Write this!
6. Tag 3 People
7. Anything else!

I tagged the lovely ladies of Grey Dog Designs, The Glorious Blog of Sara Bernice and The Wanna-be Southern Belle...

Friday, March 11, 2011

One of my Favorite People

I got a special surprise that my best friend Nicki is coming this weekend.  Nicki and I met about 11 years ago at her brother's college graduation.  (Him and I went to school together).  It turned out that we would both be in Myrtle Beach for the summer working and wouldn't know anyone else.  Well I guess you could say the rest is history.  "Flamboyant Jamie" and "Wholesome Nicki" were a duo not to be messed with.  We've been through a lot the past 11 years, weddings, breakups/makeups, deaths and births, moving and new jobs, etc ...It makes me so happy to have her here this weekend, to reminisce and catch up.  I can't wait for the weekend to if I could just get my work finished..Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pink & Green Thursday!

Kelly Green is my absolute FAVE color.  So when I saw the Pink & Green Thursdays on Pink Preppy Lilly Lover, I had to join in the madness.   I have decided to come up with some items I want to get for this spring, that would be Pink & Green Inspired.

Start the Spring Time Cocktails (Pier 1 Imports)


New Golf Skort (Adidas)


Fun Spring Shoes (Target)


Spring Time Evening Out (Vineyard Vines)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shoes, Shoes & More Shoes...

There was one thing that I inherited from my mother, her love of shoes. I know all women love shoes, but we really are a little obsessed.  Now my mother has ever original box with them each labeled in her closet. I'm not that bad, but I do have a separate closet dedicated to my shoes.  So since Spring is around the corner, I am on my usually mission of what cute finds can I get.  I am B-I-G fan of ebay.  Mostly because I live in an area with NO good shopping and secondly I love a good bargain.  Now I am not one of those used ebay shoppers.  It has to have tags and it has to be NEW.  So these are two FAB! finds I got this week.

Love you Tory Burch!!!

Perfect Wedges from Coach!

Friday, March 4, 2011

I may not have a kid, but that doesn't mean I'm not a mom...

As most of my friends know I am just not quite sure that the whole "children" thing is something that I want for my future.  And I know you can never understand the love of something until you have your own..blah, blah, blah.  But the thing is I do have my own.  I have Gigi!!  The most FAB! dog in the universe.

While in the vet office I was thinking about how I may not be a mother to a human, but I am still a mother. Here I was sitting in the office with my very scared fury child getting her yearly shots and I see an article about grandparents who love their "granddogs".  In case you don't know it's "baby boomers without grandkids and pets are the next best thing".  See even Dog Fancy gets it!

I later then had to take care of my very sick and sore child the rest of the evening.  I was even up at 4:30 am cleaning up her upset stomach and behind all the while making sure she knew I knew it wasn't her fault.  The whole day she has spent sleeping and limping around while I carry her up and down the stairs cause she can't do it herself.  If that isn't motherly love I don't know what else is.

So I thought I would compile a list of successful women, who have made the choice to not have kids and have their Doggie Children instead, and quite frankly don't give a damn when people go "so you really don't want kids????"

1. Oprah...She doesn't need a husband or kids!  Sadie is perfect for her
2. Jennifer Aniston...just wish the media would lay off her and her precious Norman
3. Jessica Biel...Hello Justin and her bitbull Tina...sounds like she got her sexy back!
4. Eva Mendes...Awesome Latin woman who loves her Hugo
5. Rachel Ray...Her dog Isaboo even has it's own line of dog food!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's March 1st...Winter is over!

For many of you March 1st doesn't mean anything to you, but to us southerners is a big freaking deal.  Winter is over and we can start our Spring - FAB!.  And living in a town dependent on tourism, it really means time to make some $$$$$.  I have complied a list of all the things I am excited to do now that Spring is now upon us:

  1. First and foremost, golf season is underway and I can start to see some good revenue numbers.  Not to mention opening up my lounge!
  2. Golf...without having to wear a jacket.  Swing easy!
  3. All outdoor activites with friends: BBQ's, Cornhole, waterfront Happy Hour, Beach days!
  4. New fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables
  5. Wardrobe changes with a spring feel to them.  Flowers, pastels, nautical stripes and WHITE (okay not till after memorial day)
  6. Outdoor Festivels on Main St. in NMB and also Market Commons
  7. A trip to the Hopesweee Plantation with some of my girls for afternoon tea and luncheon
  8. Wedding season, filled with bridal showers, bachelorette parties and weddings
  9. Hopefully seeing my family for Easter or Spring Break
  10. Viva la Mexico, can't wait to go!!!