Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pink & Green Thursday - Luck of the Irish


How great is it that Pink & Green Thursday falls on St. Patricks Day!  I love this holiday and feel proud to be 50% Irish.  And I love the fact that everyone wants to be Irish today.  So grab a green beer, (wine for me!) and raise you glass to the Irish! There are two people I want to dedicate this blog to today..
My Awesome Cousin Kelly Murphy!    

My Older Sister Erin!
I love shamrocks so I thought for my Pink & Green I would incorporate a little symbol for "Luck", cause can't we all use a little luck of the Irish?   

I have yet to pick up this Pandora Clover Charm, but still love it!

 Since I was a kid my family nicknamed me "Jameson", technically "Jamison".  So anytime I enter a room, it's tradition to shout it out!

And also with you...(if your catholic, you'll get it)

 P.S. I love you!!

I have to get GIGI one of these collars...too cute!

I just thought this was Hilarious!!!  
Very Clever!! 

Proud to be Irish!!


   I can't believe I found an image of Gigi dressed up for the Holiday! 


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