Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stress..How to relieve it..

Lately, things in my life have been a little hectic and I it doesn't help that I have been sick with some type of chest cold and runny nose that doesn't stop thanks to the pollen in South Carolina (love you spring, hate the green stuff)!!!  We have our new cigar lounge opening, I'm trying to get my Heiress Cigar launched and I have a million weddings, bridal, bachelorette and baby events, and lets not forget my regular job as well.  So I am trying to think of everything possible to relax that doesn't include a liter of wine, thus creating a hangover and adding to my insane frame of mind. 

So it's Tuesday and this is usually my favorite day of the work week.  Monday chaos is behind me and I can get organized for the week, which always ends up being insane even when I think it will be calm.  So here is a list of what I am doing to stop my constant jaw clenching..

1. I have decided to park my car in the back of my store so the random people who come in soliciting me for advertising and nonsense think I am not here...for my friends and people that have appointments...check the back.

2. I am trying my best to rev up my workout schedule, which is very challenging with said schedule above but I know that after a good sweat and ass kicking I feel phenomenal and it's my only "ME" time

3. Actually taking a nice hot bath at night and then enjoying some fun games on my iPad. LINE-UP 2 is my favorite and thanks to Bekah for introducing it to me.

4. Reading my favorite blogs and finding new ones let's me take time to enjoy a little light reading and keep up with the fashions around the country.  Grey Dog Designs, Positively Preppy in Pink, Sara Bernice, Vineyard Loveknots, Wanna Be Southern Belle....

5. Crosswords...I know many people find them annoying and challenging.  I have been doing them everyday for years, and it's just puts me at ease...go figure! Especially when 1 ACROSS is four letter word for N.C. University, and it's not DUKE...try ELON!!!

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  1. All of a sudden I'm so busy and stressed out - I hear ya!

    #1 - You're being sneakyyy, love it!
    #2 - I really need to get back into a routine, I feel soo much better after a good workout.