Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blogging Help

As you know I am new to blogging but I am really enjoying it.  But I want to jazz up my page some and work on my following.  I see all these different things on some of my favorite girls pages.  So here is my list of questions.  If anyone can answer them I would appreciate the help...Cigar Heiress

1. What are RSS feeds, is that giving the option to subscribe?
2. What is a "button"
3. How do you add a "signature" to the end of your post
4. How do you give others to link to your blog like, "Pink and Green Thursdays?"
5. How do you jazz up your Blog Title?
6. Is there are way to know if someone has mentioned your blog?
7. How do you make picture collages?
8.  How do you add an "You also might like.."?
9.  Can you search on Blogger to find blogs you might want to follow or read?


  1. Hey! I'm new to the blogging world to! Here's what I've found out:

    -Look at other blogs and see if they have a site listed where they obtained their background. Mine is from:

    -If you want to increase your following, the best thing is to follow others and comment on others' blogs

    -I use if I wanted to post a bunch of pictures from online and share my favorites. Check it out. It's great for collages.

    -Pink and Green Thursdays is a BLOG HOP. A bunch of blogs have these! I would heavily suggest joining one (there should be a link on the page) since you meet so many people that way.

    -I find similar blogs by looking at who my followers follow and are followed by

    -Last, post pictures in each of your posts :)

    Good luck girl! I hope you can follow my blog: WhatMissLoves

  2. Oh my goodness! Just read your comment from the other day! How exciting that you went to Elon too!!! The blogging world is a crazy meet people you never expect to meet! :)

  3. I know nothing about setting up blogs. Sorry, but I know you can set a google alert with your blog name to see if you get a mention.

  4. Send me an email and I'll try to help!
    vineyardloveknots at gmail dot com