Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I love Tada.com, it's like a groupon or discount site where you can purchase gift certificates half price.  Saturday I was shopping and trying to figure out what my Spring/Summer scent would be.  Here are my three choices...

I guess the retail gods were thinking of me because today I got a $30 gift certificate for $15 sale for Perfume Worldwide on Tada.com.  I was so excited but I need help deciding.  Let me know what you all think!  Make sure you get yours too!  Only 20 hours left.  (I do not benefit from this either, I just really like the site!)


  1. So I LOVE Marc Jacobs, Daisy...in fact, I'm wearing it right now! BUT - I've also been wanting to buy the Michael Kors Very Hollywood because the scent is so fun and the bottle is TO DIE FOR! I say one of those two! :)

  2. I just found your blog through Sundresses and Smiles! I'm wearing Daisy right now too! I cannot get enough of it and everyone always compliments it (in a good way, not like it's too strong)!

  3. I just finished Very Hollywood and really loved it!! It's just the perfect girly scent if you love sweet scents.

    Also try looking into Kate Spade's Twirl, I have it now and I really like the sweet fruity smell.

    Daisy wasn't anything special on me but scents smell differently on everyone.