Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Unity?

One of my FAB! friends is getting married in August and she is looking for something for the mothers to do as a uniting of the two families.  She isn't into the typical Unity Candle or Pouring Sand into a Vase.  We were racking our brains last night trying to come up with something. 

So my blogging friends and readers I am asking for suggestions or ideas!  Thanks...


  1. I found this on The Knot!
    You could use two bouquets of flowers -- roses would be appropriate -- that each of your mothers brings down the aisle and places in a separate vase. Then at the right time during the ceremony, each of you could pluck a single stem from your family's bouquet and place the two stems together in a smaller vase. Or use wine: Your parents each pour wine into a pretty cup, and you all take a sip; then bride and groom each pour some into another vessel and sip from that as a couple.

  2. As a twist on Gretchen's idea -each mother could place rose petals in a basket (one color for each family) and they could be used to toss as the couple leaves the ceremony site.
    My step-sister did a neat thing during her ceremony... not your typical unity ceremony item though.... her "borrowed" item was a poem/prayer from I believe her husband's grandparent's wedding. At a specific part of the ceremony, selected special guests read it. It was great and people just stood up where they were in the pews.... basically one person (a mother, in this case) got the cue from the minister to start, read a couple lines, then the next person read their bit and so on and so forth. It was beautiful to see the mothers and grandmothers and a few other special guests all say something from the "audience" - it really brought them into the ceremony.
    And totally not a unity thing, but another neat mom thing... at Sam's wedding reception, Dana was brought onto the dance floor and her mother removed her veil. It was a family tradition on her side and a sweet mother/daughter moment.

  3. Kerry & Gretchen I love all these ideas! I think my friend might do something with flowers.