Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday! - Sleeping

It's Tail Wagging Tuesday.  I know I have been away but with my new Cigar Lounge being built and trying to play catch up I have just been too swamped to post or read, so not FAB!.  But today I couldn't resist cause I love my Gigi and I love Casey's Tail Wagging Tuesdays!  I will get my "All Things Cancun" blog up by Friday I promise!

Today the discussion is where our furry four legged friends sleep.  Gigi can pretty much sleep anywhere and when I was going through my albums of her I couldn't believe all the crazy places so here they ALL are....I hope you laugh as much as I did. And yes my dog has changed a lot of different colors and has a lot of different hair cuts.

I miss her being all furry and black...This is when she was like 6 months old in her "Pink Bed"

Of course at the foot of the bed like most Shih Tzu's

Just woke her up in Mommy's spot...oops

In the car everyday on the way home from work

Lazy Sunday she took my spot on the couch

The classic..on my desk at work, and yes the pink bed was there

Dead dog on the rug, I think we played hard at the beach that day

And believe or not she will sleep on my head, but she woke up to the flash...


  1. I love her sprawled out on the passenger seat...too cute! :)

  2. She is adorable. She definitely has a rough life being able to go with you to work everyday! I love it. :)

  3. So jealous that you get to bring her to work! I feel like I could be more productive if I had a cute furball for motivation :)

  4. THank you so much for linking up!! I'm sorry I am a day late commenting, I was totally not near my computer at all yesterday!