Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Adventures - Firefly Distillery

Back in May I had made a list (view list here) of tourist things I wanted to do this summer.  Due to a crazy schedule this summer trying to get them done started to become a cloud over my head. But now I get to check one off my list.  Last weekend I had some friends from NJ come into town and a I tried to plan a lovely weekend for them in Charleston since they had never been there before.  We stayed at my favorite place Meeting Street Inn which has a lovely happy hour every day for free and a wonderful free breakfast.  Ask for Darren!

There is a step stool cause the bed is so high!

After arriving we had a great lunch at Amen Street.  I had never been here before and it was FAB!  I had the baked brie and she crab soup.  But the best was my Rum Peach Bellini that was AMAZING!

The Rum Floater totally makes it!

Great on a hot SC day!
Girls enjoying

We finished up the day shopping, a wine tasting at Charleston Tobacco & Wine and then dinner at the wonderful 39 Rue de Jean.  I had the Mussels in a vegetable cream sauce!  FAB!

The next day my girlfriends from Myrtle Beach met us at the Fresh Market for breakfast crepes! I had the Ham, Salami, Tomato and Cheese crepe and it was beyond great. We completed it with us sharing a Chocolate, Banana & Nutella crepe!

After crepes we were off to the Firefly Distillery!  I love Firefly Sweet Tea vodka and I was so excited to do a little tasting.  Ironically, my College was having an alumni event there and Marcie and I got to see one of our sorority sisters! 

<3 EK!

The Distillery is out in the middle of nowhere but a beautiful drive through the mossy oaks!  There is also a vineyard but word to the not try the wines, stick to the hard stuff!  Its a great place to bring a picnic lunch and just enjoy the nature and all the music and fun happening at the distillery.  I hope you get a feel for it through these pics.  I am going to be out that way again in September and I can't wait to bring D. and just spend the afternoon out there.


Marcie the animal lover feeding the rabbits

So lovely

New FAVE!  So FAB!

Sara enjoying a wine bellini

Girls just Rockin in the shade



  1. As many times as I have been to Charleston, why oh why have I never ventured out to go to the Firefly place?! I was just there and bought a bottle but how lovely would it have been to buy from the source! This looks like so much fun and may have to go on my list of things to do!

  2. Wow, sweet tea vodka? I'm not really a vodka woman to tell the truth, but that sounds pretty good on a hot summer day! Those crepes look delish btw.... yum.

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Love.
    That Girl in Pearls

  3. this looks delightful, will have to tour it someday!

  4. I wanna go thereeeeee!! And Charleston!!! Let's trade for a weekend haha.