Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday! - Funny Dog

Linking up with my girl c-mae for Tail Wagging Tuesday!  

Today's topic is a funny pic of your furbaby!  As many of you know Gigi is a pretty funny dog so it was hard for me to pick just one...so here they are!

She likes to sleep as close to me as possible at work.  Her bed was there but she thought the desk made a better pillow.  She still does it to this day.  (like right now)

I left animal planet on and came out of the shower and caught her complete hypnotized by the Dog Whisperer
Learning from Caesar

When she was a puppy I had dropped a paper towel roll on the floor and she snatched it up.  She runs all over the house with it and holds it out like she is the leader.  Really funny to watch

 Shih Tzu's love anything they can try to rip up ie: paper.  I caught her in my closest one day with her head inside my Ugg boots trying to get at the sherling inside. 



  1. bahahaha i love that peyton isn't the only pup who watches tv! :)
    he barks at it when he sees dogs or horses on it!

  2. Such cute pics! My cats sleep like the top picture too! It's like they want to be as close as possible, no matter how uncomfortable it looks or actually is!

  3. Too cute! Love that picture of her watching tv...too funny!

  4. Aspen doesn't watch TV I think it's great that your dog actually acknowledges that it's even there! LOL thanks for linking up!