Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I love Wednesday!

I AM LOVING... that Gigi is finally getting a haircut today.  She stinks and with her allergies she is just a knotted mess, even though she gets brushed like 5 times a day!

I AM LOVING... that since I couldn't attend my College 10 year reunion, D. decided to make me a scavenger hunt to keep my mind off it.  The highlights included dinner at Logans, shopping for a new pair of earrings and bowling.

I AM LOVING... that my good friend Ashley is starting a new dessert business called "A Petite Sweet".  Her initials happen to be cute is that!  Check out her Blog and Facebook page!
How delish do these look!

 I AM LOVING...this guy who always puts me first and treats me like a queen!



  1. Poor pup! Those Clemson cake ball look great ;)

  2. That picture of your doggie is too presh!

  3. Those sweets look yummy! Happy Wednesday!

  4. Those cake pops look so yummy!

    P.S. I think we're long-lost Gossip Girl-loving twins. I want to be Blair so badly, too!

  5. Cake pops just make me happy!!!

  6. I hope you have a wonderful Halloween weekend!

    P.S. I definitely think it's Chuck's baby! But I'm getting annoyed with how long they're dragging this out...Chuck and Blair just need to get together already!

  7. Love the scavenger hunt idea!!!!! He's definitely a keeper :-)