Monday, October 24, 2011

Challenge - 8 FEARS!

Today is 8 fears...and since I fear all these things I am not posting any pictures.

1. Pretty obvious, losing my family members & Gigi.
2. Clowns.  I don't know what it is but they really scare me.  Will never go to the circus.
3. Snakes. slithering, creepy snakes....GROSS
4. Being embarrassed in public
5. Needles are no fun, but I think most people think that way
6. Falling down stairs.  I think it comes from when I was 6 and fell down a whole flight of stairs at my uncles cabin, but lived to tell about it
7. Having feet on me.  My roommates in college used to pin me down and rub them on me to get answers.  It was like Chinese Water Torture.
8.Shrinking clothes..I buy everything a size larger and even though I hang most things I end up shrinking everything.  I stink at laundry. 



  1. bahahaha i'm happy you lived to tell about it! haha oh the drama!

  2. Snakes are so disgusting! They make my skin crawl!