Monday, October 10, 2011

10 Day Challenge!

Since I dropped off the blogging sphere for over a month (NOT FAB!) I figured I could use a little help getting back into my blogging groove.  So this is a 10 day challenge that is very popular and I thought it would be perfect for me.  

So I have to submit 10 SECRETS!  That is a little scary, but here it no particular order....

1. I get nervous speaking to a crowd if there are people I know.  If it's all strangers, totally fine.

2. I have no tolerance for people who are out of touch with reality and I tend to show it

3. Babies scare the crap out of me...okay not that big of a secret.

4.I sucked my thumb till I was 9, no idea which hand though..

5.I make up songs all the time about anything, like the character on New Girl.  I mean all the time and only my family and boyfriend know I do it.  I like to think of them as little jingles..

6. I am not a natural blonde...BAHAHAHAHAH!

7. CVS is one of my favorite stores and I can spend a lot of time and money in there..I love beauty products

8. I secretly wish I was a glam girl but I just don't have the touch.  Classic & comfort is me....

9. I miss the days of high school and all my girlfriends hanging out even though it was like 15 years ago and I haven't seen them in a ridiculously long time.

10. I wish I owned a really cool boutique that was the hottest place to shop.  Accessories, home decor, trendy items & local artistry.  


  1. i'm the same way about speaking! i'd rather do it in front a million people i don't know!

  2. Or songs like A is for Apple.... to keep us awake, I mean YOU awake driving home from Dreamy Kenny Chesney in Raleigh! Thanks for staying awake that night!!!