Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl! I have my life back!!

Football season is over.  Well ,technically it was over for me a couple of weeks ago when my precious NY Jets lost the AFC Championship for the 2nd year in a row.  So of course I had to root for the Packers and I am extremely happy they won! 

Now, the Super Bowl is probably the only program where people actually want to watch commercials. I know there has to be some stat out there proving that besides the obvious millions of dollars advertisers shell out for 30 seconds.  So all anyone can talk about today is the great commercials, but I have yet to hear about my favorite little guy, the baby.  This kid can make me laugh so hard, which is ironic since I am not a kid person.  But something about a toddler talking all grown up really gets me going.  So here are the two from the game, and I found a "blooper" reel as well, which is funny too!  Enjoy....

Enzo the Tailor!!

Bloopers Reel!

And nothing like Peppers the Cat!!  Bless you Peppers!!

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  1. So I didn't get to watch many commercials...the e-trade baby is my favorite!!! THANKS for posting girl!