Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cigars for Women - The Heiress Cigar

So I have been working on a new project that I have been keeping very hush, hush!  I decided last year that I wanted to create a cigar for women to smoke.  Now there are flavored cigars out there, but they are so sweet and you really can't appreciate the tobacco and the greatness a good cigar when its disguised by cognac or vanilla.  I wanted to create a cigar for everyone woman to try and yet not cough.  It will be every woman's first starter cigar and after many samples smoked I think I came up with just that!!

There are three steps to creating your own cigar.  1. Pick the blend of the cigar and the sizing if your only doing one size.  2. Create a design for the band.  3.  Create a box design and packaging.  

My cigar band was designed last fall so next will be the box design.  So ladies, what would you like to see in a box design?  It will hold 10 cigars in a petite corona size.  For those that don't know what that means it will be about 4.5 inches long.  What would make you keep the box?  All thoughts and comments would be appreciated. 

I hope you like the design...here are some meanings behind the name and the band...

1.  The name Heiress came from my dad (Big Nick).  No, I do not think I am Paris Hilton.  When I started in the family business at my first trade show about 6 years ago, my dad introduced me to everyone as the Heir Apparent.  So thus the term Heiress was coined, later on Cigar Heiress to differentiate what kind of heiress.

2.  The "H" in heiress is bigger for my mother, whose name is Holly

3.  The colors of Maroon, Lavender and Gold signify my sorority colors for Sigma Kappa and my school colors at Elon University

4.  The String of Pearls was our sorority jewel and I have been been wearing pearls probably since I was five. 

So there you have it.  I said it out loud and you all know about the Heiress Cigar and how it has come about.  Updates on production to come....



  1. Congratulations, thats awesome Jamie!!!!

  2. My interest is peaked. Just dont make this a cigar most men would run away kicking and screaming from. Feminine, okay. Wimpy, no way. I ask, would Marlena Deitric (?) smoke this, or just the closet lady smoker who wants to be cute. I like cigars I can share with my man friends.

  3. @Kathy
    The first run of cigar will be mild. It's a starter cigar for women without having to go the flavored route. Once I expand the line then I can get more into the body of it.