Thursday, February 3, 2011

All Things Telluride, CO

Every winter I make an annual trip to see my best friend since junior high, Susanne.  Currently she is living in Telluride, Co.  It's a quaint little ski village for the rich and some famous (TomKat have a house there).  The town consists of about 5 blocks and then the mountain is above.  It's completely picturesque and you  easily can lose touch with reality.

 My trip started with me leaving my home at 4am.  The journey was to be Myrtle Beach - Charlotte - Phoenix - Telluride...well that didn't happen.  When we were trying to land in Telluride there was a white out and after two attempts to land we were diverted to Durango.  Only 88 miles away but a 3 hour drive.  So when I finally arrived at Sue's front door I had traveled for 17 hours.  Totally not FAB!

The first night was mostly just settling in and reconnecting and getting to see my precious Annabelle (Sue's daughter).  Now you all know I am not good with kids, so what did I do to have her warm up to me after a year, give her presents.  Here she is sporting the new purse and jewelry I gave her for her 2nd bday/Christmas.  Working on her FAB style! 

First thing in the morning I had to get my favorite breakfast sandwich from the best place in town called Merle's Brown Bag.  I highly recommend the FAVE :  Egg, salami, pesto and goat cheese Panini!  FAB!!!!!
The next night we decided to go snowshoeing through the woods on the mountain and view the full moon.  Totally a cool experience.  And despite many childhood friends worries, we totally rocked it out and I am not just talking about my cool headlamp.

Don't know how I moved with all those clothes on, but it was COLD!

Trisha who is the coolest made us a FAB dinner when we got back and boy was it yummy!  Shrimp and Chicken with a lemon caper risotto..DELISH!  

 The next afternoon we decided to go skiing.  Now, the last time Sue skied she broke her leg, and it had been about 13 years for me.  After much flirting with the hot ski boys at the rental shop we were ready and on our way...the girls back east should have been more worried about this then the snowshoeing. 

So when you live at sea level, the elevation difference is a big deal, especially at 10,000 ft.  We get off the lift and end up on a much harder hill then anticipated.  Which I thought to myself, okay, baby steps and hope like Stella, I would get my grove back.  Well Stella was on a beach sipping cocktails and I was on a steep mountain.  I made it to a clearing when all of a sudden I shut down.  ELEVATION SICKNESS had hit me.  All I could think was how the hell will I make it down.  Well with help from a cute ski patrol and some water, I made it to the landing and was able to get some water and some sugar and I felt like a million bucks!

We were ready to rock and had a great time the rest of the afternoon.  However, there was one fall, no thanks to me checking on Sue..Thanks for making sure it was captured.  

The next night a group of ended up going to dinner on the mountain and getting to take the gondola at night with the city all lit up behind us.  Through the trek in the snow, we had a cozy and warm table for the seven of us.  I enjoyed the Lamb Chops and a good bottle of Prosecco while others had some Venison Carpacio, the largest steaks I had seen in a long time and some Colossal Crab that was amazing!  I highly recommend Palmyra at the Peaks if you are in the area. 


And if you are a picky, like our friend Jen, they even have Grilled Cheese and Fries (if you ask)!

And some wine too....

We hit the town afterwards for some drinks and laughs. 
Trisha's straw was way too big for her drink.
The ladies had fun posing for pics.

And it made me remember college days at our local bar West End Tavern. 

Unfortunately the rest of the trip flew by with strolls around town and a Jets LOSS :-(  Before I knew it I was back on my trip home.  Telluride (thankfully) - Phoenix - Charlotte - Myrtle Beach.   I had a blast and was able to experience new things and also appreciate the old.  Now if I just could have put Sue and Abelle in my suitcase it would have been perfect.  Can't wait for next year.  Only 359 days left...

Friends for 19 years!


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