Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chinese Water Torture...kind of!

So I have been doing the "low-carb" thing for about 6-8 weeks now and I normally don't have a problem with it.  Yes, I have a cheat day but that is just so I can have my Mexican fix.  But other then that I pretty much stick to the meat and veggies plan.  However today when I went to get my lunch I came to realize that I have a Nemesis is in the "low-carb" world and that my friends is Krave Bagel.  This is a new bagel shop in town that makes everything from scratch and the bakery is to die.  Three words..Red Velvet Cupcakes! 

Now I went in minding my business to just go get my quart of Chicken Salad for lunch..(it's great there cause they use Helmann's and there is no relish but could use maybe some onion).  Now, as I am waiting to check out it just hit me like a ton of bricks!  The bagels bins, the smell of fresh baked goods and to top it all off the special today...Roast Beer, Horseradish and White Cheddar Panini.  GULP! 

I am sure you are thinking that I am nuts, but I have been deprived of these great foods for 8 weeks and  where I grew up bagels were a way of life...bread is a way of life.  We had fresh bagels at school every morning.  Sleepovers, you didn't have pancakes, that mom better have made sure hot bagels were waiting or she was a dead women.  Places like this in the South are so rare that I am glad that North Myrtle Beach has a place just like the Garden State.  But it is still my Nemisis and as long as carbs are my Kryptonite and Krave Bagel will be my Lex Luther!  Thank god for the Chicken Salad!!


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  1. Oh you are much better than I am with not eating carbs...they are my personal nemesis! Hope you're having a great weekend! :)