Thursday, October 28, 2010

J-E-T-S!! Jets! Jets! Jets!

I have a very exciting weekend planned!  My dad (Big Nick) is going to be celebrating his 60th birthday in November.  For a year I have been wondering what am I gonna get the man who has everything?  It used to be cigars...and then he decided to ruin the perfect go-to-gift by opening his own cigar store.  Then it was golf stuff...until he finally owned everything there is.  And I have tried wine but really that is more a Father's Day gift.  So I finally came up with the perfect gift and I think it will be hard to top it....I am flying Big Nick and I up to the dirty Jerz to see our favorite sports team the NY Jets take on the Green Bay Packers...on the NEW stadium....with a 5-1 record!!!!!

This is where my secret lover will realize how FAB! I am....

I love you Mark Sanchez!!!!

Here is a farther view from our seats SECTION 307 ROW 1

Even my little Gigi is excited for us.  She wanted to show her spirit!

She's got her game face on!

So, when I told Big Nick about the surprise his first reaction was "We're not going to Green Bay are we?"  I was complete speechless.  Why would we go to Green Bay when we are from NJ?  It's gonna be like old times when he would take me to the Jets/Buffalo game.  We had season tickets when I was growing up and that was my designated game every year!!

We will be with some other big Jets fan tailgating starting at 10 am.  On the menu...Bloddy Mary's, Filet Mignon Beef Tips with Fettuccine Alfredo.  That was Big Nick's request.  Please say a prayer for his arteries!  I will follow up this blog with a picture from the game.  I was just too excited to wait!  J-E-T-S!  Jets! Jets! Jets!  Do I smell SUPERBOWL??????

UPDATE:  The JETS SUCK!  I take back my statement about Superbowl.  0-9...REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!  However, even though the game was HORRIBLE, the tailgate rocked and my Aunt and Cousin came as a surprise. 

Revised Menu:  Champagne, Woodchuck Cider, Stripper Bass, Clams, Lollipop Lamb Chops, Beef Ribs and NE Clam Chowder...YUMMY!


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