Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shagging on the Boulevard

So lately D. and I have been talking about picking up a new hobby.  This weekend I will be going kayaking for the first time so I will let you all know how that goes.  But there has been one thing in particular both of us said "Hey that might be fun".  Ever since I was a little girl in NJ, I  have been obsessed with the Shag. It started when my sister and I saw the movie and became completely hooked.  I had no idea then, that one day I would be living in Myrtle Beach (home of the Shag).

So when I returned from Vegas, D. had my birthday present ready and waiting.  First was a new pair of Golf Shoes (and yes I may have picked them out), some beautiful flowers and then there was a card I had to open next.  Inside he explained that we would be taking 4 private lessons at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio to ....LEARN TO SHAG!  I was so happy!  After the 4th lesson there is a little showcase at the studio to practice and show off your new moves.  So now our date nights have turned into Dinner and Dancing Dates!  

Of course my first thought was I need some new dancing shoes, however Shagging shoes are expensive and NOT FAB!.   So I think I might have to get a new pair of Jack Rodgers to help me get my feet in the grove!  


 I think Silver will look FAB! under the disco ball!   I better get to downloading some new tunes for us to practice too...can we say Chairman of the Board's "Carolina in the world"

Wish us luck!



  1. AAAAAAAH I LOVE SHAG!!!!!! One time my fam and I went all the way to the drive-in where that scene is filmed (oddly not in myrtle) it was fabulous! I want to learn how to shag so much! Jealous!

  2. Let us know how kayaking goes! I've always wanted to go.

    How exciting about learning to shag! My grandparents can shag with the best of them. Sadly, it's not a gene they passed on to me :)

  3. Sorry if I haven't commented back! My email was all screwed up! Thanks for the comments!