Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas 2010

Every year I create a Christmas list for my family.  Some items are ridiculous and some practical.  So here is this years list for the most part:

 #1 The first item always goes to the most ridiculous item that I could only really hope and dream for.  So this year I am paying homage to the lady herself Coco Chanel.  I flipped for this necklace when I saw it in Devil Wears Prada and now I have seen it on a couple of TV shows.  

 #2 I love all things Michael Kors.  He is my favorite designer besides said woman above.  I love the bags, jewelry, clothes, etc.  His new watches are part of the new big style but still have a feminine feel to them.  I love the Silver Parker Glitz!

#3 Of course who doesn't love a great pair of flats.  I have been drooling over these ever since they came out.  The REVA is the best flat out there.  They do fit small, I take a 9.5 and I normally where a 8.5.  I think super cute and who doesn't love Tory Burch

 #4.  I am obsessed with all things Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf.  So in perfect fashion I of course have chosen the Tiffany Key necklace that she received when she became a member of Hamilton House

#5 Who doesn't love a great hat and Scarf set.  Vera Bradley has come out with their new line of winter gear.  I used to collect all things Vera but fell out of love with the patterns.  But I love this one new pattern so why not sport it!

#6  I recently got an IPAD and need a cover for it.
The online company has great deals and great colors. 

#7  I collect Pandora charms and only have a bit of room left on my all silver bracelet.  So I love the doggie for my little GIGI, the clover to hopefully always bring me good luck and the seashell for living on the coast.

 #8  Every morning I wake up and walk the dog and the most annoying this getting my feet wet from the morning dew.  So I realize that some rain boots would be quite practical.  Target has a bunch and in really cute colors and designs.  I think about 20 in all.

#9 Since we spend about 1/3 of our life in bed it's time for me to get some new pillows.  Costco has the Charisma 2 pack on sale!  I can see the sweet dreams already!

 #10  And last but not least...The Victoria Secret Pillow Talk Pajamas Set.  I'm a tank and pants kinda girl and not only do they have cute patterns, you get a free set of slippers with them (code VS10SLEEP)! They also come in pant lengths, which is great considering I am only 5'3".


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  1. nice list Jamie,I hope Santa brings you all of them:)